About Aging Enriched Services  

Several years ago, Aging Enriched Services (AES) recognized the need for a cost effective way that allows not-for-profit senior care providers to stay better connected to their clients, patients and employees. Through these better and more frequent connections, AES focuses on providing real-time actionable data, allowing our clients to improve process and outcomes, and strengthen client and employee relationships. We provide our services to clients across the country, from single-site to large state-wide organizations. 

Aging Enriched Services (AES) has become a full-service communication center, providing a wide variety of inbound and outbound phone calls, emails and mobile app surveys through our WeCare Connectâ„¢ solution. WeCare Connectâ„¢ leverages AES's cloud-based, proprietary software to create an infinite number of customized touchpoints, collect and aggregate survey data, and provide customized reporting along with aggregated peer baselines.

Because of its high impact and value to senior care organizations, in November 2014, WeCare Connectâ„¢ became a LeadingAge Recognized Program.