WeCare Connect™ is utilized by organizations of all sizes from across the country.

Take a look at what our clients are saying:

"Aging Enriched Services (AES) provides an exceptional support in advancing the Triple Aim of the Affordable Care Act. By strengthening communications and relationships in a person-centered manner, WeCare Connect™ helps us improve quality and decrease costs. Through staying connected to short-stay residents post-discharge, we are proactively identifying issues that might result in a rehospitalization, which we can then act on with our hospital, physician and other post-acute care partners. The WeCare Connect™ Rehab Follow-Up call has also provided us with a competitive advantage, as hospitals are more comfortable discharging to us because they know that we will continue to monitor their patients after they return home."
PAUL WINKLER, President & CEO, Presbyterian Senior Care

"The instant feedback WeCare Connect™ provides us is invaluable in staying connected and intervening when necessary with our discharged patients. It ensures we are successful with our rehab program and helps monitor and reduce rehospitalizations. We love being able to share the data metrics with our internal staff as well as our external referral sources. The access to the information through the reporting feature is wonderful. I like the ability to view our data in a variety of ways and compare it with other LeadingAge member SNFs."
TRICIA NEARY, Vice President of Marketing & Development, Lutheran Life Villages

"WeCare Connect™ is a great partner for Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame. We are able to be proactive in addressing patient issues and meeting our customer service goals by using WeCare Connect™. We love the ease of use and valuable information that is provided. WeCare Connect™ gives us another communication tool in our toolbox that we are grateful to have."
JACK MUELLER, Director of Campus Operations, Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame

"I love the immediacy of notifications regarding potential issues and providing us the ability to promptly follow up. Through the use of WeCare Connect™ resolutions and reporting, we have increased our staff's efficiency and effectiveness by consistently knowing who is responding to issues and what action has been taken. Our Pay-for-Performance partners have appreciated and value the quality and satisfaction reports we are automatically able to generate and share with them. We have seen so much value that we are now also using WeCare Connect™ to capture Employee feedback."
MICHELE HEIL, Director of Quality Improvement, Clark-Lindsey

"We started using WeCare Connect™ to decrease our employee turnover rate, especially in the first year of employment. We love the questions that are asked of our staff and use the instant feedback to nip any issues quickly. It's great having a way to get this info real-time and being able to do something about it, rather than finding it out too late in an exit interview. We know we have saved many employees from turning over by correcting issues early in the orientation process. Our employees really appreciate that they can give us feedback and it gets responded to so quickly and in a targeted, individual way. The folks at WeCare Connect™ are always enhancing the product and provide great support. This product is well worth what we invest in it."
CAROL HESS, VP of Human Resources, SpiriTrust Lutheran

"Hearing from our new associates allows us to revise our processes in ways that can better orient them to our organization. It's a win-win situation when we can hear their concerns and respond to them quickly."
CANDY DAY, Director of HR, Life Enriching Communities