Our Solutions

Through single or multiple touchpoints (phone, email, mobile app), WeCare Connectâ„¢ collects real-time valuable feedback from your patients, clients, residents and employees and instantly emails you any potential issues. This allows you to intervene directly and promptly with the appropriate individuals to address any concerns. You are also able to enter and track resolutions to these notifications ensuring all issues are appropriately addressed in a timely manner.

All the information collected on these calls is captured in our proprietary database. By accessing your data with our dynamic reporting engine, you can identify areas for process improvement, implement necessary changes and increase quality and satisfaction.

With the majority of our touchpoints costing less than $7, our solution gives you a low cost way to uncover and identify potential problems to increase quality and improve outcomes in any part of your organization, including the following areas:

Rehab Follow Up
Home Health
Private Duty
Senior Living

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