Our employee touchpoints allow you to ensure successful onboarding of new employees and minimize employee turnover. WeCare Connect™ collects real-time valuable employee feedback that has a direct impact on an employee’s first 90 days and ongoing satisfaction. We contact your employees and ask them questions related to their onboarding and employment experience, at these key milestones:

 2 WEEKS from hire
 45 DAYS from hire
 75 DAYS from hire

Through these consistent touchpoints, WeCare Connect™ also provides you with real-time notifications of any potential issues. This allows you to intervene directly and promptly with an employee to address any issues that would lead to an unsuccessful on-boarding or undesired turnover. You are also able to enter and track resolutions to these real-time notifications ensuring all issues are appropriately addressed in a timely manner.

WeCareConnect-employee-call-thumbnailAll the information collected on these calls is captured in our proprietary database. By accessing your real-time data with our dynamic reporting engine, you can improve the success of onboarding your new employees, intervene to reduce preventable turnover, track and resolve issues, and identify areas in need of improvement.

This service addresses these common problems:

• Having insufficient contact and feedback with new employees
• Not knowing the likelihood of whether a new employee will stay 
• Being unaware of individual employee issues that lead to turnover 
• Being unaware of the leading causes of your employee turnover

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