Rehab Follow-Up  

Our Rehab Follow-Up calls allow you to extend your care by staying connected with your post-discharge patients. WeCare Connectâ„¢ collects valuable patient feedback and recovery progress data. We call your patients and ask them a series of general questions along with specific questions tied to their primary diagnosis, at these key recovery milestones: 

  • 24 HOURS from discharge
  • 48 HOURS from discharge
  • 7 DAYS from discharge
  • 21 DAYS from discharge

LeadingAge-Logo-CMYKThrough these ongoing touch points, WeCare Connectâ„¢ also provides you with real-time notifications of any potential issues. This allows you to intervene directly with a patient or coordinate with their physician or home care provider before situations turn into crises. The calls also provide important reminders for patients, as well as measurable feedback on the quality of your services.

All the information collected on these calls is captured in our proprietary database. By accessing your data with our dynamic reporting engine, you can improve processes, track and resolve issues, and identify areas needing improvement.

WeCareConnect-rehab-follow-up-thumbnailThis service addresses these common problems:

  • Having little to no contact with rehab patients once they return home
  • Minimal ongoing data on post-discharge rehab patients
  • Being unaware of recovery progress and issues that may cause rehospitalizations
  • Not meeting referral source expectations of cooperation in reducing rehospitalizations, even after patients have left your facility


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