Senior Living

Our Senior Living calls allow you to ensure successful move-ins of new residents and ongoing satisfaction of all residents. WeCare Connect™ collects real-time valuable resident feedback regarding their experiences within their first 2 weeks and 45 days after move-in to ensure a positive transition to their new home. Through ongoing quality calls, we regularly monitor the residents' overall satisfaction with your community by asking important questions regarding key areas of interest including food service, housekeeping, activities, and health & wellness. Touchpoints are made at these key milestones:

2 WEEKS after move-in
45 DAYS after move-in
Every 180 DAYS thereafter

Through these consistent touch points, WeCare Connect™ also provides you with real-time notification emails of any potential issues. This allows you to intervene directly and promptly with a resident to address any issues that would lead to an unsuccessful move-in or dissatisfaction with their living experience, leading to a potential move-out. You are also able to enter and track resolutions to these real-time notifications ensuring all issues are appropriately addressed in a timely manner.

All the information collected on these calls is captured in our proprietary database. By accessing your real-time data with our dynamic reporting engine, you can improve the quality of your resident move-ins and on-going satisfaction, intervene to reduce preventable move-outs, track and resolve issues, and identify areas needing improvement.

Our solution addresses these common problems:

•Being unaware of issues relating to an undesirable and unwelcoming move-in
•Being unaware of individual resident issues that lead to move-outs as they are happening
•Being unaware of resident dissatisfaction and disengagement, affecting quality of life

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